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Today, when I look at my past life, I see sinful and lost period of my life. Though since an early childhood I have felt respectful fear of God, Satan had a great impact on me. I surrendered to the influence of Satan and was going on the bumpy road to dark abyss. My way was strewed with sins; I went astray from the right and the only way of life. At that time I have not realized the real meaning of sin, God‘s law and God‘s word.

Only after getting to the prison, starting to attend meetings of the chaplains, I have realized that my life is like the river of sins, and that the whole world is full of sins and wrong things. Almost for a year I have been attending the Bible studies and meetings for the reading of God‘s Word that were organized by the chaplain. The attendance of these meetings, reading of the Word of God have helped me to open my eyes, to get to know the real life, to reach out to the perfection in the Word of God and God’s presence.

God’s Word gave me peace, hope, strengthened my faith, gave me knowledge, and helps me to change. Right now my life is changing, it is not as sinful as before, though I still feel the influence of Satan; I am still week to resist some temptations, but I am grateful to God for everything, I am praying for strength to resist the sin. I am always checking myself with the most important guide of life – the word of God.

I am praying thanking and asking for the possibility to read, to study and improve with the help of the Word of God.

Edgaras Kapcinskas

Born November 11, 1987

1st penitentiary of Praveniskes

I was born in Vilnius in 1951 in a normal family. My father died when I was 1 year old and I was raised by my mother till I was 5 years old and later I was raised by my brothers and streets. I was registered at police since I was 10 years old. In 1997 they wanted to convict me and to imprison, but I went to serve to the army.

Soon I got married, but after a short time we got divorced. Later I was married for 3 more times.

My mother died in 1979 and I became very lonely, I realized that my life has no meaning.

After Soviet Union collapsed, I started to fall deeper and deeper, and finally I became a drunker and soon I was arrested, but not convicted. And only later I understood that it was God who helped me. Despite it I kept drinking and breaking the law. Later I was accused in murder and imprisoned for 9 years. While in prison, I got to know that there was a chaplain, who was organizing meetings for reading the Bible. I started to attend these meetings, got to know Chaplain Vladimir. While reading the Bible and being with other believers, I got to know that God exists, that I was a sinner and I prayed the prayer of repentance.  My life and my thinking are changing.

Soon I will be out prison and I believe that God will help me to live a new life because I do not want to come back to my past.

Anatolij Naus

1st penitentiary of Praveniskes

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